[RBH] – ONE PIECE – Pose Pack

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☼ NOTE: Certain poses require props
☼ Anamnesis One Piece Themed Pose Pack
☼ For Male Roegadyn but should work with Hrothgar as well– might need minor edits
☼ Features poses for the following characters

– Luffy
– Zoro
– Nami
– Usopp
– Sanji
– Chopper
– Robin
– Franky
– Brook

☼ POSING NOTE: Characters with props (Zoro, Nami, and Brook) require a bit of adjustment to make sure the props are lined up correctly in their hands


Feel free to tag me in posts and photos featuring these poses!

– Twitter @magne_ffxiv
– Instagram @roebrohimbo

Follow me there as well as on Ko-Fi @roebrohimbo for new releases too!

Please don’t claim these as your own, reupload them, or use as bases to claim as your own. I worked hard on these. You ARE allowed to edit and modify them for private use so long as you tag me. Glams are not included

Roe Bro Himbo

Hallo! My name is Jason (he/him) and I’m just a trans himbo who cares big boys and is creating the content I want to see in the world. A lot of, if not all of, my content is centered around creating pose packs for the big boy races where they get to be soft, sweet, and wholesome. Of course there will be some spice and some action, but I'm putting all the attention on loving and supporting big characters! You can find more of my stuff about my WoL/OC Magne on his dedicated Twitter and Carrd. If you want to support what I do and help me do more of it, I have a Ko-Fi for tips, updates, and other fun things! Check it out!

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