[Kirijo] Beauty of The Beasts: Anamnesis Pose Pack

Determined under the unified purpose of extracting survivors from the barren wastes of Garlemald did three unlikely heroes brave the bitter cold. Locals and the Ilsabard Contingent both report that the trio were like specters, gone as quickly as they came. The only reminder of their presence, a path paved with blood and bodies both…

SECOND POSE PACK YALL! Inspired by recent plot shenanigans with a couple of lovely friends of mine. As always, there may be a few flubs, as I’m not perfect with things yet! If so, just let me know and I’ll do my best to fix em!

Tested on works on all races/genders! Adjustments may be needed!. NIN pose will be different depending on which knives you use! For the previews I used the Tsukuyomi Kunai that were downscaled to 0.9

Center model/character belongs to me!
Right model/character belongs @ EightHornedAl on Twitter!
Left model/charactet belongs to my friend, Vie!

If you end up using any of my work for your screenshots, I would love to see them! Please use the tag #KirijoWorks on Instagram and Twitter so I can find them!

Please don’t claim any of my work as your own.

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