[Kirijo] Kazuya Mishima pose pack

A pose pack tributed to one of the baddest in all of fighting game history. The Iron Fist of Darkness: Kazuya Mishima.

It’s my first “big” dynamic pose pack, so there may be a few flubs here and there, but I tried to make it as close to the source materials as possible. As always, if there’s anything super major that’s breaking, please let me know so I can fix it and re-upload as necessary.

Tested on works on all races/genders! Adjustments will be needed. Probably a little more so for our beefy Roe and Hroth fam.

Character/Model belongs to me once again!

If you end up using any of my work for your screenshots, I would love to see them! Please use the tag #KirijoWorks on Instagram and Twitter so I can find them!

Please don’t claim any of my work as your own.

EDIT [6/22/22]: Kazuya’s Smash Ultimate pose has been altered to better reflect the pose of the right arm and the extension of the back/shoulders. Enjoy!

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