The Glamour Dresser

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Hello People!


May i present my third released clothing mod!

Contributors are:
Yaomi for weights
Tsar for the Body
Raykie for The Body SE-X
Mimi for TBSE-Slim

Made completely from scratch by Vortex for TBSE-X and TBSE-Slim!
May clip with extreme poses and some pants!

Four different Variations and the base of the Shirt is ingame dyeable!
— Outer Parts Sheer
— Inner Parts Sheer
— All Sheer
— All Opaque


— Reuploading on any Discord, Website, etc.
— Do not claim this as your own!
— Do not use parts or the entire mesh for your creations or commissions!
— You can make private edits, as long as they stay private
— This is a Paid mod till March 20th! Do not share any of my Paid mods.
— After public release, you may do a public upscale but only after contacting me on Discord.

Insane Asylum
Use the #tanakimods on Instagram and Twitter so we can see your creations :>
Other than that, have fun!

Vortex & Yaomi <3

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