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Hello People!

Big Thanks to Yaomi for making the Preview pictures and decorations~
Replaces Werewolf Head

Ears and decorations are made by Vortex from scratch. Fur is a commercially licensed asset.
These are static ears. Which means they are not poseable!
For all races and genders (Hro might look weird).


We have 4 different Versions, which come in Decorated or Blank.
Default are Black tips, but you can find Multi Textures without it in the Files as well :>

Colorations options are:
— Full Haircolor
— Full Highlightcolor
— Ears Haircolor, Fluff Highlightcolor
— Left Ear Haircolor, Right Ear Highlightcolor
— Right Ear Haircolor, Left Ear Highlightcolor

Decorated Version is dyeable via Anamnesis.

— No refunds.
— Personal Edits are allowed but have to stay private
— No reuploading on any discord, Website or anything related to it!
— Do NOT claim this as your own!
— Don’t use parts or the entire Tattoo as a base for your creations!
— This is a paid mod. Do not share unless you bought another copy for the person.

For more stuff, feel free to join our discord :>
If you have any Issues, please do contact me.
Feel free to message me about additional Previews. I’ll be happy to provide those!
Jeweler’s Workshop

Use the #tanakimods on Instagram and Twitter so we can see your creations :>
Other than that, have fun!
Hope you enjoy this collab!

Vortex & Yaomi <3


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