Wolf Barding

This mod offers a selection of color sets for the PVP barding that you can purchase for 1,000 Trophy Crystals (Crystal Quartermaster in Wolves’ Den Pier). You must own and equip this barding on your bird for the sets to work.

Currently, ten sets are available, and switch through as you please.
This mod was created to work alongside Glow Birds.

Color intensity will vary depending on the light and weather. As darkness increases, the intensity of the glow will differ, from subtle to bright, depending on the design.

Available Colors:
Black & Red – Softer editing, closer to the vanilla design.
White & Red – White base, dark metal, and red glowing scratches.
White, Pink & Purple – Gradient between pinks and purples.
Red & Black – Black base with emphasis on glowing red metal work.
Metal – Black and greys with silver scratches.
Forest – Leather, steel, hues of greens and red scratches.
FlameKissed – Reds, oranges and yellows with red scratches.
GhostChain – Greys, blues and glowing chains
Monster – Black and greens. Just like the energy drink.
PinkMonster – Black and pink with glowing metalwork.



Please do not use in any paid commissions, Patreon, or what have you for money.
Please do not claim as your own or re-release/upload.
Requests for a custom design can be made on Discord.

Special Thanks to Mistr_MeowMeow, Unre and Zel for their continued support and encouragement.

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