Glow Birds

Glow Birds is my first official mod, and I thank you for stopping by and having a look.

This mod offers a selection of colors for your Chocobo companion that you can switch through on a whim.

Color intensity will vary depending on the light and weather. As darkness increases, the intensity of the glow on each bird will vary. From subtle to extreme, depending on the design.

Beak, eyes, and legs have all been darkened or matched to the color theme. Feet have a corresponding shimmer that you can witness during the day, as well as on the feathers in some of the designs.

Available Colors:
Bright Red
Soft Pink
Toxic – Green and Blue
Sunny – Orange and Red
BubbleGum – Pink and Blue
GlowStick — Caution – May require sunglasses when in use.
Turquoise Strom – Grey and Teal
Devil – Black with red shimmer and glowing red eyes
Angel – White with soft yellow glow
Indigo Doom – Blue purple with grape purple hues and glow
The Dew – Bright, just like the drink
Mean Bean – Coffee brown and black

Do not use in any paid commissions or Patreon.
Personal edits are fine.

Requests for a custom design can be made on my Discord server.

Special Thanks to Mistr_MeowMeow for the continued support and encouragement.

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