Premium Content: [vivi] IRINA: Aura-Port (all femme Aura Faces)

High-Poly Face Sculpt for all Miqo & Aura Faces based on Viera F1


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Skintone-Previews (Gshade off):

Facial-Structure Comparison for Aura-Faces:

More Previews (Gshade on):

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Included are:

o Custom eyelashes, iris, catchlight and eyebrows

o Custom make-up

o Edited normal map

o Gradient eyes („odd eyes“ toggle makes irises dye with a gradient, see previews)

o Neck-Seam-Fix.ttmp2 for both the scaleless Version as well as the B&W Version


o Left earclasp/tattoo toggles Ear-Flaps, right toggle toggles extra dyable part of Iris


o Toggable horns and Facial-Scales

o Toggable vanilla horn-accessoires for F1 and F4

o   Toggable extra dyeable Iris-Part (right limbal ring)

o   Comes with neckscales, without neckscales and completely scaleless (the latter two

are included as loose files)

o   Options for Vanilla-Scales as well as Black&White-Scales (B&W-Scales are included as loose files)


• All facial features on the Miqo-Version have been removed

• This is a face-swap, so only make-up for female Viera F1 will work with this sculpt

• Teeth, horns, toggable scales and Earflaps are on ETC_B. If you need help with Penumbra-Paths please message me!

• This was originally a personal sculpt I didn’t plan on selling, so the UV of the face is slightly edited (any make-up you want to use with it may need slight editing)

• There are minor variations to the facial structure of the Aura-Version (refer to previews)

• Aura F1 matches the Miqo-Version the best, both animation- and structure-wise

• I tried my best with the Aura-Weights, sadly some emote-animations are a bit off

(mainly pucker-up on certain faces)

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o Shapekeys are removed, this means you cannot change the shape of eyes, noses, mouths etc.

o My sculpts use a custom UV-layout for eyelashes and brows

o Make sure you check the previews diligently, I try to make them as thorough as possible.

If you are still unsure about something after checking them, feel free to reach out for further previews!

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Mallow for the Scales:

Yuria for the Aura-Face-Kit:

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Feel free to use #vivimods on Twitter so I get a chance to see your lovely characters! ✧⭒

For any questions / issues / suggestions / feedback please reach out to me on Discord (pameyshi#2584) or Twitter (@vivi_mods) ♥


Hey, my name is Vivi and I mostly create Face-Sculpts (and some random other stuff whenever I feel like it~)

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