Premium Content: [vivi] AERIN – Sculpt for all femme Miqo and Aura

High-Poly Face-Sculpt for all female Miqo- & Aura-Faces based on Gaia

Original Version is included (based on Aura F3)

If you have previously purchased the old version of this sculpt please re-download your files from your e-mails! If you can’t access them anymore please contact me so I can help! ♡

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Make-Up & Skintone-Previews:

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Included are:

  • Custom eyelashes & eyebrows (+ Multis for lighter and darker brows as loose files)
  • Elf-Ears with matching earrings (for both Miqo and Aura)
  • 4 different custom make-ups (+ 3 monolid-variations included as loose files)
  • Modpacks include Vanilla-Scales, BnW-Scales and Scaleless Aura
  • 3D-Teeth and spherical eyeballs
  • Gradient eyes („odd eyes“ toggle makes irises dye with a gradient)
  • Neck-Seam-Fix.ttmp2’s


o Moles

o Earflaps

o Elf-Ears and Earrings (Earring-Color can be changed through Colorset Row 1)

o Extra Lashes

o Limbal Rings


o Facial Scales

o Horns

o Elf-Ears and Earrings (Earring-Color can be changed through Colorset Row 1)

o Extra Lashes

o Limbal Rings

Toggles can be toggled through the glamourer-plugin or the aesthetician/hairdresser!


• Aura-Animations differ from face to face, please make sure to check the previews diligently!

• Minor clipping on Aura-F4 “scared”-emote (Lashes clip)

• Make sure to install the corresponding Neckseam-Fix.ttmp with a higher prio than the base sculpt when using Aura Faces 2-4

• I will NOT offer any support aside from bug-fixes for the old version, thank you for understanding!

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o Shapekeys are removed, this means you cannot change the shape of eyes, noses, mouths etc.

o My sculpts use a custom UV-layout for eyelashes and brows

o Make sure you check the previews diligently, I try to make them as thorough as possible.

o If you are still unsure about something after checking them, feel free to reach out for further previews!

ToU / Permissions:

• This is a digital product, therefore I cannot offer refunds. If you find any issues with my paid releases please reach out to me and I will fix them!

• Please do not share my files with others (except for: family members, significant others).

• Please do not use my paid releases as a base for your own releases.

• Feel free to edit and port any of my mods for personal use. Go ham and have fun, as long as it does not involve Lala-NSFW.

• If you want to commission someone for make-up or 3D edits feel free to just send them any files they need.

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Huge thanks and credits to:

Yuria for the Aura-Face-Kit and being absolutely big brained:

Major Praline for the Viera-Dev-Kit:

@greystone_tears for taking such gorgeous preview pictures ♥

————––– ◾◽◻‒♡❀♡‒◻◽◾ –––————

Feel free to use #vivimods on Twitter so I get a chance to see your lovely characters! ✧⭒

For any questions / issues / suggestions / feedback please reach out to me on Discord (pameyshi) or Twitter (@vivi_mods) ♥


Hey, my name is Vivi and I mostly create Face-Sculpts (and some random other stuff whenever I feel like it~)

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