Premium Content: [MOTH] Season of the Witch (Customizable Makeup)

Happy Halloween season!!

Season of the Witch is a customizable makeup pack which comes with a dark and light version of some seasonal orange and brown toned makeup as a base.

the price is to make up for having access to customizable assets. they are for personal use exclusively, and are never to be used for a texture which you claim as your own on any hosting website.

mods used in screenshot:


  • season of the witch (Makeup)
  • dagger brows by bitty (brows)


  • rebel by milku/porcelainboo


  • PSD for easy color changes to match any skintone or season (not just for Halloween!)
  • 4 makeup bases, light and dark
  • customizable facial options: bats, pumpkins, ghosts, and blood splatter

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