Premium Content: STAR PILOT – Au’ra 3/103 face pack

soft pink themed makeup from a cancelled sculpt. includes files for both raen and xaela. If there are any issues with this makeup, which i’m currently not aware of any- please let me know and i’ll fix it!

this was made on a vanilla face. because of how vanilla works with its presets, some small tweaks may need to be made around the nose area!

brows look best with option 1 (shown in preview)

– diffuse, normal, multi for vanilla scaled and scaleless
– diffuse overlay for easy application for non-vanilla scales
– two custom handmade iris textures
– custom handmade catchlight
– custom handmade brows and lashes

face: star pilot (this mod)
body: bibo+
hair: snow corridor
shaders: mie mie mie pt. 4


i make makeups :)

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