Temperament. | Male Elezen F2/102

credits to miette and rosemint for the texture upscales ♥


i made this makeup along with two videos showing the process for makeup and multi map editing! if you would like to watch them, here is the makeup video and here is the multi map editing. i hope this is helpful and that you enjoy (:


this is a MAKEUP for male elezen faces 2/102! (this does NOT include the eyes, hair, clothes, etc. presented in the pictures.)


✓ included in this download is:

  • a basic TT pack for simple installation
  • a separate diffuse file for you to edit
  • a separate specular file
  • my love and appreciation :D


please keep in mind that i am not perfect and am by no means an expert! because of this:

  • i’ve done my best to accommodate for every eye, lip, and nose shape. it may not be perfect because of this.


if you discover any other issues — please let me know! i am always more than happy to help ☺️


✕ terms of use:

  • do NOT sell any part of this file
  • do NOT claim anything here as yours
  • feel free to edit anything as much as you’d like!
  • * HOWEVER, please give proper credits! (i.e. me for the original makeup, and miette and rosemint for the upscales if you use the same textures)


here are my socials in case you need to get in contact with me! again, feel free to message me about anything or are unsatisfied with something and i will do my best to fix it! ❤

twitter: @existench_
discord: existench


hi, my name is jojo. i am currently going to school for god knows what, but i like to draw and make 3D things in my free time! if you need to get in contact with me my twitter is @existench_ and my discord is peepee and poopoo#0203 !

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