Premium Content: [Sculpt] Leona v3

Leona v3 contains the files for both the new v3 model, as well as the older v2. If you purchased v1 in its original state or when it got upgraded to v2, you will be able to download v3 for free. If you purchased leona when she was on ko-fi, please contact me with proof of your receipt. v1 is no longer in these files.

V3 is started over entirely from scratch. It also contains a new multi to make the eye shadow appear better on darker skin.

This a model that disables shape data, meaning you will not have presets on this face once you purchase and download it. Your face will be shaped like the screenshots, only differences being your color palette.

Known Issues:

  • eyes clipping on both “close eyes” and “pucker up”- these seem to be the only emotes where i’ve encountered these issues, and i will do my best to fix them in the future. This can be seen in the video.


  • Feel free to do as you like with this sculpt, ie. customize it, pick new makeup, make your own makeup, make better lashes- just please do not claim as your own, re-post, or distribute to those who have not paid for it! If you would like to get a makeup commissioned for this sculpt, please contact me first.

If you encounter anything not mentioned above, please dm me about it!

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