Premium Content: Reze

Public Release Date: 16th November 2023 This is an early access mod gone public!


A three piece uniform based on Reze’s outfit from Chainsaw Man.
Due to the fact that the shirt is tucked in, you may find that the top does not work well with other bottoms. The shorts can be mixed and matched freely!

If you are a YAB user, please bare in mind that the YAB shorts models will clip with non YAB tops, and vice versa. If you use YAB legs, you must use YAB chest, unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about it for this mod.

Please check the mod page images or the following imgur album for high resolution mod preview images:

◽ Top fit to Tre, B+ Small, B+ Large, B+ Vegan, YAB Small/Medium/Large+ Buff
◽ Legs fit to Tre, YAB WC, YAB WC Small, YAB SC, YAB SC Small (Tre legs are in equivalence to B+ Large)
◽ Variants
◽ Fully colorset allowing you to customize the colors to your liking.

The outfit contains variants, depending on the piece of gear you wear will include or exclude the thigh highs and bow knot draped around the neck.

-Hooded Fireglass Leather Vest: Top with bowknot
-Adventurer's Hooded Vest: Hidden bowknot
-Cropped Fireglass Leather Slops: Shorts with thigh highs
-Cropped Summer Indigo Slops: Shorts without thigh highs

The frontier shoes includes a drop down for you to select its options:

-Loafers with thigh highs
-Loafers without thigh highs
-Thigh highs without loafers

Requires Bibo+ textures.

Bibo+ Tre:

Consider checking out my shop, your support is very welcome and will enable more mods in the future:

Please join my modding discord if you’d like to participate in a community that is lax on rules and moderation:


Row 15: Neck Bow 
Row 16: Top

Row 12: Metal (Drawstring rings, drawstring tips)
Row 13: Drawstring 
Row 14: Waist band
Row 15: Stitches (blends with row 16)
Row 16: Shorts 

Row 15: Thigh band 
Row 16: Thigh highs 

Row 15: Interior
Row 16: Exterior 

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