Premium Content: Public Safety

**Public Safety**

A two piece suit that is not overly sexualized, comes fully dyeable and with a toggleable suit jacket.
The suit is loosely inspired by Chainsaw Man’s public safety uniform, but it’s literally just a suit
Please check the mod page images for a side by side look at all the sizes and metadata toggles!

This mod is only fit to Bibo+ Tre because so much skin has been removed that the body below it is hardly important.

◽ Top fit to Bibo+ Tre All Sizes
◽ Legs fit to Bibo+ Tre All Sizes
◽ Toggleable jacket
◽ Fully colorset, so on top of being dyeable everything can be colored individually as well via penumbra material editing
◽ Tie toggleable through metadata editing

High resolution previews:

Requires Bibo+ textures.

Bibo+ Tre:

Consider checking out my shop, your support is very welcome and will enable more mods in the future:

Please join my modding discord if you’d like to participate in a small and friendly community that is lax on rules and moderation:

“`Additional Information:
The following can be referenced at any time in the modpack’s description in game.

Row 16 – All

Row 14 – Buttons
Row 15 – Tie
Row 16 – Shirt

Row 14 – Belt Buckle
Row 15 – Belt
Row 16 – Suit Pants

Shirt with no suit jacket – A
Shirt for below suit jacket – B
Suit Jacket – B
Tie – C“`

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