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A sexy cute two piece outfit with socks for your soft girl aesthetic.

Please check the mod page images for a side by side look at all the sizes and metadata toggles!

◽ Top fit to all Tre sizes and Bibo+ sizes. (Pushup used for B+)
◽ Legs fit to Tre (Tre legs are equivalent in size and shape to B+ Large)
◽ Left and right armbands, and ribbons on the top and skirt have all been given unique attributes for toggling, check the attributes or description.
◽ Fully utilizes the colorset and is highly customizable on top of the dye templates provided in the modpack.
◽ Reshade depth of field compatible.

High resolution previews:

Due to XIV mod file structure, when attempting to use the Penumbra material editor to customize the skirt’s colorset, you must select the skirt material (mat B) corresponding to the polka dot color you’re using (pink my default), regardless of whether or not you’re using the polka dot pattern for the skirt. The floral and plain skirt patterns both use the colorsets provided in the polka dot color section, it’s just that neither plain nor floral textures utilize the polka dot row. If you DM me about this I will screenshot this paragraph of the mod description and then you’ll feel silly.

Requires Bibo+ textures.

Bibo+ Tre:

Consider checking out my shop, your support is very welcome and will enable more mods in the future:

Please join my modding discord if you’d like to participate in a community that is lax on rules and moderation:

“`Additional Information:
The following can be referenced at any time in the modpack’s description in game.

Row 15: Ribbons
Row 16: Top

Row 12: Waistband
Row 13: Ribbons
Row 15: Polkadots (Floral + Plain pattern = unused)
Row 16: Skirt

A – Chest Ribbon
B – Left Arm Band
C – Right Arm Band

A – Ribbons“`

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