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mMulti is a resource intended for darker skinned characters made with female viera face 1- this was originally part of a commission for Vyndasia, and I was given permission to make the multi from said commission public. This is for those who would like a more saturated look on the eyelids (and lips, depending on which version you use) for their characters with darker skin. This should work with pretty much any makeup for this face that doesn’t already have a custom multi.


  • mMulti, vanilla lips- exactly what it says. Provides a more saturated look only on the eyelids, keeps the option to use lipstick as intended and will not change the color of the lips.
  • mMulti, custom lips- Provides a more saturated look on both the eyelids and lips, and comes with a custom option to use the lipstick as a gradient effect.


  • Feel free to use this as a reference, but do not trace it whatsoever.
  • Do not include these files in any free or paid content of your own making, this includes commissions. Like i said, you are free to reference this asset so that you can make your own, but do not claim it as your own and especially do not sell it.


i make makeups :)

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