Llymlaen – But Better

Following up my Halone mod with another edit inspired by Melanated Aglaia, here’s Llymlaen – But Better! Because I repeat: if the gods are supposed to look like their followers, why are they all extremely white?
This one was bumped ahead per the request of poisonkiwifruit! Also a lot of fun to do, especially because of reworking her makeup. Others will be coming soon <3

Best paired with:
Melanated Aglaia
Melanated Wind-Up Azeyma (TGD mirror)
Halone – But Even Better (TGD mirror)

-Do not use in racist (antiblack, islamophobic, etc.) content
-Do not use in NSFW content with minors or Lalafells
-Do not repost or take credit
-Do not use in paid or vaulted content (idk why anyone would but it is this community after all)

Have fun in Thaleia, y’all! \o/


she/him I'm Enya! o/ Trying to get more into modding since most of what I can do is texture edits. Hope you stick around! <3

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