Halone – But Even Better

In the same vein as Melanated Aglaia, here is: Halone – But Even Better – because if she’s the daughter of Rhalgr in the theology (god of Ala Mhigo, a country heavily inspired by Kurdish and Armenian cultures) and the gods are manifestations of all of the peoples’ faiths…why is she so white?

This version addresses some of the issues I’d run into with the previous iteration, such as the blue sheen over her hair or the depigmentation I couldn’t figure out. All of that has been fixed and she’s looking even better! <3

She comes in three hair colors:
-Original white
All with matching minion edits!

Honestly I use the black one the most. It ended up a really nice color on her and it’s a really striking appearance. The intention behind that was just because there are so few major characters with that hair color, but the red was the nerdiest thing. She’s clearly inspired by Athena, and you see in Greek stories that red hair was considered as desirable as blonde is today – thus, red haired Halone! You can also take it as Malenia, which is another reason why I like it so much.

Best paired with:
Melanated Aglaia
Melanated Wind-Up Azeyma (TGD mirror)
Llymlaen – But Better (TGD mirror)

-Do not use in racist (antiblack, islamophobic, etc.) content
-Do not use in NSFW content with minors or Lalafells
-Do not repost or take credit
-Do not use in paid or vaulted content (idk why anyone would but it is this community after all)

May the Fury guide you to victory! o7


she/him I'm Enya! o/ Trying to get more into modding since most of what I can do is texture edits. Hope you stick around! <3

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