The Glamour Dresser

Premium Content: L E T H A L (Bibo+)

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Public release date: TBD
Also available on Patreon, a cheaper option if you plan on purchasing multiple mods!

November poll winner! Yet another techwear outfit, consisting of a tank top, cargo pants with a fanny pack and a detachable sleeve.
Contains a licensed asset and custom textures.

– Requires Bibo+ 2.0 for the top and sleeve. The pants can be used without any body installed.
– May clip in certain poses and animations. The bag was super awkward to rig, so it can deform weirdly depending on pose. You have been warned.

■ Private edits are alright. Please wait for the mod to go public before you publish them. Do not redistribute. Feel free to share with your partner or bestie, but for sharing with any more people, please purchase a suitable amount of copies.

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