Premium Content: Wanderer (Bibo+)

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Public release date: TBD
Also available on Patreon – a cheaper option if you plan to purchase multiple mods!

A 3 piece outfit consisting of a bodysuit, gloves and cloak, with a tattered and dystopian look. Loosely based on some inspo (thank you to Sevi btw!) but with quite a few changes to give it some more edge!
Made from scratch in MD, Zbrush, Blender and Substance.

– Requires Bibo+ 2.0 or above to work properly and is fitted around Bibo+ Small. The cloak is placed on earrings to allow for mix and matching, however keep in mind the clipping potential with bigger bodies.
– Due to the shape of the cloak, the area around the right arm can move a bit wonkily in some animations!
– Everything is dyeable and colorsettable.
– Includes a few metadata toggles:
■ Gloves: hide the right hand glove by turning off A, hide the left arm strap by turning off B
■ Bodysuit: hide the belt by turning off A, hide the leg strap by turning off B

■ Private edits are alright. Please wait for the mod to go public before you publish them. Do not redistribute. Feel free to share with your partner or bestie, but for sharing with any more people, please purchase a suitable amount of copies.


Hey there! I do hair & clothing ports, as well as clothing from scratch. Hope you enjoy!~

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