Kabedon – custom animation emote

Changes /attention emote to custom kabedon animation. Works for all except lala. Looks best with same height or shorter than you. (See preview)
Preview: ♥♥♥♥♥

♥ Please do not use it to make anyone uncomfortable! ♥

♥ hand can land in the model when targeting a character taller/wider than you. It can still be adjusted, just doesn’t look that smooth in one go.

Expressions: smirk ♥ smile ♥ none
Emote: /attention, /atease

= ♥ =
So this one is kind of a celebrating that my partner fantasia’d back to my favorite character of theirs, and we also have a third wedding anniversary today, so timing is pretty romantic for us ♥.
And I really tried to make the animation romantic, not creepy, and the line was thin, but I hope I managed. The intro was so hard to make, that was the first time I even tried to make a few steps for real. Took me many hours and I wanted to give up when the legs were almost teleporting to place, knees were all over the place, elbows were in the head… All sorts of things. But it was worth it. Couldn’t stop looking at the thing when it was done. I’m still kinda in shock when things I make are pretty.


Hi! I'm Yllisne and I make animation mods, mostly idles, so you can afk and still look cute/witchy/awesome 💗. And ofc for my fellow roleplayers! (if you see a bunch of mods uploaded months ago, it means my adhd won this battle) ♥ Commissions info here: https://yllisne.carrd.co/#commissions ♥ Contact me on discord! @yllisne Permissions: ♥ ports: please do not reupload as it is, but feel free to edit/use as a base if you tag me as a contributor ♥ ♥ custom animations: please ask me before doing anything with my custom animations, private edits are okay.

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