Premium Content: Herald of the Dark (A GNB mod)

Tbh, this might as well be a new job at this point. Complete overhauls of all the animations, VFX, and even some sound effects. Herald of the Dark was something that started out as a Gaia-based mod (real surprise there, huh) and quickly became something new. Aside from Hand of the Master, everything else in the Weapons folder was built for Textools as I was relatively new to Penumbra at the time. I plan to roll out a version for Penumbra in the near future.

If any textures are broken from the 6.5 changes, the fix should be here.
If anything else is busted, DM me on ko-fi or on Twitter.


Y'shtola's Disciple and Acolyte | Gaia's husband | Pronouns are My Lord/His Excellency | Please respect them | pfp artwork is by krekkov | | When I first started out, I had no idea I was gonna get into modding, but here I am. Making a bit of scratch doing what I love. I'm doing this full-time until my ideas dry up and I have to get a real job. So if you wanna buy me a few tomestones so I can pay Rowena for rent, I'd appreciate it.

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