Faerie Personality – pixie wings & idle animation pack

Pack of 38 variants of Pixie wings fashion accessory and flying custom animations. Works for all. Made in collaboration with <@:ezothefairy:396555>.
Preview: ♥♥♥♥♥

You need the Pixie Wings (Pink or Blue) equipped, without them there will be no wings, no pixie dust and you will be just floating.

Changed animations:
♡ default idle – flying animation
♡ idle1 – flying-resting animation
♡ movement – walking, running, sprint (no jump)
♡ groundsit – pretending to sit while flying
♡ /pose – Titania’s Spin port with some glitter
♡ Pixie Wings animations – made them faster, added pixie dust VFX (10 colors)

Wings – for Blue & Pink Pixie Wings fashion accessory:
♡ 5 models – based on Eos, Morpho, Mheg, Insect and Classic pixie wings
♡ 38 color variants
Note: If you see any wings not working, please let me know, I added them all manually and as we all know, I am messy. Any white wings with no textures or just not working, please tell me asap.

==> ♥ Please check out Ezo’s socials! ♥ <==
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ezothefairy
Mod page: https://tinyurl.com/ezosmodpage
XMA: https://www.xivmodarchive.com/user/396555
GD: https://www.glamourdresser.com/author/ezothefairy

= ♥ ♡ ♥ =
Hi! Finally made my second Personality pack! And in what a company! Seriously, Ezo did such a great job with the wings and her fairy inspired this whole project, so please give her some love ♥

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Hi! I'm Yllisne and I make animation mods, mostly idles, so you can afk and still look cute/witchy/awesome 💗. And ofc for my fellow roleplayers! (if you see a bunch of mods uploaded months ago, it means my adhd won this battle) ♥ Commissions info here: https://yllisne.carrd.co/#commissions ♥ Contact me on discord! @yllisne Permissions: ♥ ports: please do not reupload as it is, but feel free to edit/use as a base if you tag me as a contributor ♥ ♥ custom animations: please ask me before doing anything with my custom animations, private edits are okay.

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