Premium Content: Autumn

Public release date: 28th December 2023


A three piece cozy fall themed outfit made from scratch. It’s a mix of sexy + cute. Please check the mod page images for a look or the following imgur album for high resolution mod preview images:


◽ Top fit to all sizes for Tre, Bibo+, and YAB+ (including buff)

◽ Legs fit to Tre, YAB WC, YAB WC Small, YAB SC, YAB SC Small (Tre legs are in equivalence to B+ Large)

◽ Toggleable bow.

◽ Fully colorset allowing you to customize the colors to your liking.

Equipment: Top with Cardigan – Buttoned Varsity Jacket Top without Cardigan – Dirndl’s Bodice Skirt – Dirndl’s Long Skirt Cardigan Accessory – Empyrean Bracelet

Note: The cardigan accessory may introduce clipping and may not work with everything. I have provided the option for you to mix and match the cardigan with any mod of your choosing, and have even included all chest sizes for the cardigan, but it is impossible for me to ensure that it will work with any given mod you have in mind. I’ve done the best that I can.

For C+ users you may experience a thigh clipping. Recommended settings for C+ is to set Skirt Front A Right Y to 0.600 and Z to 1.200. You may need to do more or less to address the clipping. If you use C+ please don’t submit bug reports without alerting me that you are a C+ user.

Requires Bibo+ textures.

Bibo+ Tre:

Consider checking out my shop, your support is greatly appreciated and it allows me to dedicate all the more time to creating new outfits:

Please join my modding discord if you’d like to participate in a community that is lax on rules and moderation:

Backup link:

Colorset information is stored in the modpacks description so you can access it in game via Penumbra.

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