Asym Neopolitan Midlander F Sculpts

Completely refurbished face sculpts for all female Midlanders, including new textures, new multis, new sculpts, and finetuned morphs. Matte lips, refined shapekeys, and all upscaled; as clean as it gets.

Built with Spiswel’s AsymFaces, featuring asymmetrical face textures and Illy’s illybites. Compatible with Spiswel’s face tools and any asymmetrical makeup.

Teeth included:

  • Standard
  • Fangs
  • Sharp
  • Gaptooth
  • Buckteeth

-Free to use in your own sculpts and commissions with contributor credit.
-AsymFaces can’t be permanently paywalled.


I make XIV mods that slot into the vanilla game and doesn't break NPCs. I have an obsessive fixation with making adjustments to anything that seems jarring to me. Every day I release things wrong. Contact me on Tumblr if you see any issues.