Starwash Gameplay preset

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Gameplay-friendly blooming colours. Saturated and high-exposure in the sun, subtle in the shade. Boosts colours without overkilling what little vibrancy XIV manages to get across, and the game’s aggressive yellow tinge is controlled with a gentle pink tint. Keeps the game world soft and the player character sharp.

Colour correction is isolated to lightroom/piratebloom/sunsetfilter at the top, the rest are just effects can be turned off for better frames. You can turn off piratebloom if you only want colours or are running on a toaster.

Comes with a heavyset Vanity version with extra bloom and ambient occlusion for use in Gpose.

Be sure to tag your game pics with #GMSTARWASH so I can see!


I make XIV mods that slot into the vanilla game and doesn't break NPCs. I have an obsessive fixation with making adjustments to anything that seems jarring to me. Every day I release things wrong. Contact me on Tumblr if you see any issues.

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