Arthetine Nightrider [Bimbo & UBimbo]

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This is a Bimbo and Uranus upscale of Mighty Punion’s Arthentine Nightrider mod. It comes in all Bimbo chest sizes as well as the default Uranus chest size.

This upscale is for the aiming set ONLY

This mod only contains the 3D files so you need to also install the original for the textures. The original can be found here:

C+ and extreme posing and animations may make this mod clip.

Items affected: Dreadwyrm Tabard of Aiming & Dreadwyrm Hose of Aiming


With thanks to:

Mighty Punion for the original mod
Illy, Bizu, Tsar for Bibo+ and Bibo+ textures
Rox for Bimbo
Saoirse for Uranus
Revan for requesting and modelling with me


Please note Mighty Punion’s ToS comes before my own.
Just don’t claim my upscale as your own work.


Hi I'm The Snow Kitsune and I am a pose maker, outfit upscaler and I have a few makeups and tattoos.

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