Adjusted 2B boots for everyone

For all races. Plus 2B and 2P themselves (not pictured).

My take on making 2B’s boots look more like they can actually have a leg and a foot inside.

Two versions per model: one that keeps the vanilla height, and one that lengthens the calf/lowers the foot meant to be used with SimpleHeels. And an omit option, should you not want this on a particular race for some reason.
I recommend a SimpleHeels offset of around 0.04; play around with it to see what’s right for you.

Toe bones have been disabled; it just looked/felt weird being able to pose that area with heels.
Ankle will look really unnatural if the pose is extreme, but then again, so it does unmodded.

This contains only the models, so it’ll work just fine with texture/colorset edits.

Topology is pretty crap, but feel free to use this on your own mods if it fits your needs—just don’t be weird about it.


I make whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like. Mostly un-vanillaing gear, but I usually keep those to myself since they're very specifically made and might not suit most people. I'll be uploading what I feel is more general-purpose here. Nanashi's bibo+ vanilla hands (with the shortest fingernails) are my preference, so that's what you'll get by default from my hand-realted mods.

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