Zero’s scythe

Pretty sure someone already made this when 6.2 released, but the blade part disconnects and goes to a different shard when sheathed and it bothered me too much. lol

Material file references the original textures, so it’s not dyable.
Replaces Death Sickle.

Feel free to edit and/or use this on your own mods however you want if it fits your needs, no need to ask—just don’t be weird about it.



I make whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like. Mostly un-vanillaing gear, but I usually keep those to myself since they're very specifically made and might not suit most people. I'll be uploading what I feel is more general-purpose here. Nanashi's bibo+ vanilla hands (with the shortest fingernails) are my preference, so that's what you'll get by default from my hand-realted mods.

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