TGD version 0.46.7

Thanks everyone for your patience as we barrel toward TGD’s 1 year anniversary. This update is a big on in prep for next month 1-year overhaul.

New Features

  • Mod and pose heart ratings
  • New author photo in preparation for Profile overhaul


  • Editor Update to address sidebar glitches
  • Discord restructure in preparation for Glamour Bot overhaul
  • Duplicate/Redundant Mod and Pose categories removed
  • Category name updates for clarification
  • Au ra category renamed to correct spelling
  • Login update to improve speed
  • Mod page restructure

Still testing

The following changes have been implemented but require further testing to confirm errors are addressed. Thanks for your patience.

  • Default screen options Solved (4/22/22 12:49 cdt)
  • Specified file failed upload test perms   Solved (13:15 cdt)
  • NSFW bot posts

Known Issues

  • Search filters reset under certain conditions
  • Pose filters do not display correctly under certain circumstances
  • Dark mode text coloring is difficult to read in some places

Additional Notes

There are a few notes that don’t quite fit into the categories above but are equally as important.

First, TGD will start hosting minor ad placements on SFW mod pages above/beneath content and in the sidebar, as visually appropriate, starting May 1st. These ads are to counter the rising costs required to maintain the site. These ads will be removed for active supporters of the Patreon.

Second, a reminder to our creators: per Anamnesis’s terms of use, creators are not allowed to sell poses and .pose files. As a result, any premium poses we find will be removed. You can view our content guidelines here if you’re unsure whether your content violates any rules.

Lastly, we are working through a quality check of each mod and pose to make sure each piece of content is properly categorized and that the download still works. Creators: if we find any broken posts, they will be reverted to pending. Should one of your posts be missing, check pending first to see if it got reverted due to this quality check.