Want it

A flirty pose based off of ITZY’s “Want It”. Minor adjustments may be needed for the right hand, feet, and/or expressions. If earrings are an issue, enable/disable physics to get them grounded!

The hyur file should work for midlander, highlander, and (female) roegadyn!


✓ Edit to fit your character (scaling, expression, etc, etc!)

✓ Use the Twitter tag #Elouposes!

✗ Don’t use as a base for your own for release

✗ Please don’t reupload my pose

Mods featured:

Foulard by Westlaketea

Decadence by Westlaketea

Clipping Hell by Westlaketea

Skirtless Thavnairan Bustier by Sparksie


Elezen enjoyer who likes to pose and take screenies! Ty for your interest ♥

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