Vampire Hunter

Pose Previews:
A huge thanks to Vell for being a part of this! And for the inspiration. Love you!
Thank you to Solona for the stake prop. ((Prop not included!))

A huge pose pack including 10 poses in total! 5 for the vampire hunter and 5 for the vampire. These poses have only been tested on Au Ra females and Miqo’te females. With some heavy adjustments, these can work on other races/genders.

Some things to keep in mind:
-You will need to adjust your height off of the ground for the air poses. And your character’s positions for the stab poses.
-The hunter poses were made in mind for bow users.
-You will have to attack beforehand to have your bow drawn back for the Hunter Air pose.
-Use scaling on the end of the fingers to get claws for your vampire.

There may be some clipping and oddities due to the limitations of 14. This file includes both Ana and CM poses. Along with previews in the folder for quick referencing.

-Please do not claim as your own.
-Please do not release as your own.
-Please do not use as a base to your own.
-Private edits are fine.
-Use #lilithposes and/or #bardsquiver on Twitter to show me your creations with my poses!


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