“Use Me Up” – Anamnesis Pose Pack

“Use Me Up” is a weapon/prop heavy pose pack created and inspired by a character from one of my favorite animation series. Poses were created with a minimum height highlander female in mind but can be used on the other races with adjustments. The best weapon to use is the makai hand mortar, but can honestly use most MCH weapons with adjustments.

Disclaimer: Character WAS scaled up to be more size-appropriate for the sofa, and you may do the same. SE furniture is huge…

A big thank you to everyone who waited for me to get this done, as it was intended to be released earlier but life happened and caused a serious delay.

If you use my poses on Twitter or Instagram, tag #SaltMagePoses so I can see!


♡ Please do not repost anywhere or use as a base for your own work

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