Tantrum Pose Pack

💬 Made with Min/Max Miqo’te. Lalafell was reduced in size & the files have the numbers of how small they are in the name.
💬 May have to adjust the limbs if you’re using bulky clothing.
💬 Message me if there are any issues and/or if you want me to make it compatible with other races.

✅ You may edit it for personal use ONLY.
⛔ Do not edit it and re-upload
⛔ Do not use my work as a base
⛔ Do not take credit for my work


Hello, my name is Juvei. I am a pose maker & photographer in my spare time. I love experimenting with different styles and couple poses are my speciality. I hope you enjoy my content and please feel free to reach out to me on Instagram if you have any questions.