Sweet Surrender

A huge thank you to Vell and my boyfriend for letting me use their characters. Also a huge thank you to Tani for the reference images for some of these poses. Love you guys! ♥

This is a couples pose pack that comes with four different poses. There are more previews in the file. You will have to adjust your position, tweak facial expressions, limbs, etc. for each pose. These were only tested on female Au Ra, Miqote, and Viera respectively. There is some clipping and oddities, I did my best to minimize this~

-Please do not claim as your own.
-Please do not release as your own.
-Please do not use as a base to your own.
-Private edits are fine.
-Use #lilithposes and/or #bardsquiver on Twitter to show me your creations with my poses!


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