[Stella] Mega Pose Pack 2020- 2022

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Anamnesis Pose Pack with all my poses from 2020- 2022.

– Angel (for female AuRa, Miqo & Viera)
I used “Present” in main hand with size 0,1.
– Carole (for female Aura, Miqo & Viera)
I used “Colorful present stack” in off hand.
– Dream in a dream (for female AuRa, Miqo, Viera & male Miqo)
– Girls just wanna have fun (for female AuRa, Miqo & Viera)
– I’ll cast a spell on you (for female AuRa, Miqo & Viera)
– Mercy (for female AuRa)
– Pose Pack 1 (for female AuRa, Lalafell, Miqo & Viera)
– Pose Pack 1, male (for male Miqo)
– Pose Pack 2 (for female AuRa, Miqo & Viera)
– Pose Pack 3 (for female AuRa, Miqo & Viera)
– Strawberry girls (for female AuRa & Miqo)

If you use any of my poses feel free to tag me #posesbystella.
Do not reupload or claim as your own. Private edits are okay.

Mods I used for preview:
Dress: Solona
Hair: Vermillion, Aesthetic Mod
Face sculpt, scales & nails: Runa Vanilla
Make- up (Lala): Hallaeon


Hello, Stella here. I'm a pose maker in FFXIV and hope you like my work.<3 Most of my poses are for female AuRa & Lalafell. If you use any of my poses feel free to tag me #posesbystella.

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