She was a Fairy…

A pack of 10 fairy themed poses. This is my first big pose pack but I’m pretty happy about the outcome \o/
I scaled my fairy down to 0,2 for all pics except pose 9 and 10. They work perfectly fine on normal sized chars, but I just wanna mention it in case you’re wondering why the background flowers looking so big.
Was made with fem Midlander and a face sculpt, so you might need to adjust the face to some extend. I also used a heeled foot mod for the barefoot pics, so you might need to adjust the foot if you wear shoes or use normal flat feet.

If you want to tag any screenshots with my mods please feel free to use #nimpymods :bunnyheart:
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:Bunny: Permissions :Bunny:
✅ Edits of my free works are allowed but please link the original
❗ Please don’t claim my stuff as your own work
❗ If my mod is created from the contributions of other mod authors please check their permissions for upscales, downscales, etc
❌ None of my NSFW poses/clothes may be ported to Lalafell!


Hey, I'm Nimpy o/ I'm still kinda new to FFXIV modding but I try my best \o/ Want a comission or found a bug in one of my mods? Please read the Info card on my Trello for that!

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