sharlayan love [ rahahariyahposes ]


in those pictures you can see a min. miqo’te boy (with an anamesis scaling from 1 to 1,1 [1.000/1.000/1000 to 1.100/1.100/1.100 in ktisis]) and a max au ra boy.

✅ Edits allowed
❌ No reuploads allowed!
❌ Don’t claim my pose as your own.

💕 Should work with some adjustments on the most chars!
🌸 Tag me on IG if you use my pose.
💕 i’d love to see your beautiful creations!
🌸 use #rahahariyahposes


🤍🌸 fluffy fluffness 🌸🤍 screenie junkie, pose maker. (shy but friendly, "bad" english)

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