Name: Seductive
Races: Midlander, Miqote, Au Ra, Viera
Genders: Female
Tags: sitting, solo, seductive, anamnesis-pose

Comments: A quick solo sitting pose I made! Based on a reference image.

– Clipping may occur.
-Other races not listed above may have to adjust.
-Make sure to /sit for easier adjustments.
-Pose files include pose previews & little notes (need to hover the file to see a preview)

You may edit this pose for personal use, but do not repost it as your own!

(This is an anamnesis pose)

Feel free to use the hashtag #zippyposes on Instagram so I can see your photos!


Hello! I’m a semi-hardcore FFXIV player. I like to gpose and make poses! Feel free to use my hashtag #zippyposes on Insta ♥

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