The Glamour Dresser


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“Jalan-jalan” can mean a couple of things in the Malay language, but most commonly it’s taken to mean “sightseeing”.

This is marked as an “adaptable” pose; meaning this can be used with minimal adjustment by loading it as a Body Pose – the ZIP file has a few examples of this pose tested on some other races and genders. You can use whatever expression you like! I simply used the default straight face and had the Lip Movement to type 1 for a slight parted-lip look.

Theoretically it should work on male roegadyn, hrothgar and lalafell too, but I wasn’t able to test it on account of the game crashing when I even so much as try to use a Hrothgar model for some reason :T

Please feel free to tag me on @jackefrostWoL on twitter if you use this pose, I’d love to see it!

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