Nogi Vol.1

✃ Most females (Miqo’te, Aura, Viera, Elezen, Highlander, Midlander..)
✃ Includes Both Anamnesis and Concept Matrix files.
✃ Poses will need various minor adjustments depending on race, height and outfit.

— ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ —

✃ Claim my work as your own.
✃ Sell my work as content.

— ᴅᴏ —

✃ Edit for your own personal use.

— NOTE —
✃ A big thank you to Nogi (Twitter: @UmNogi) for giving inspiration for the pack and modeling it!

You can use #VoidPoses when using my pack, I’d love to see your creations with it!

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