The Glamour Dresser

[Nilan] Leather and Steel

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Don’t mind him he’s just practicing his reaper rotation~

Made on max height male viera but can easily be used for others! You will need to move the scythe since it’s position-based instead of rotation-based but it shouldn’t be too hard to line up since I only moved it down on the local Y axis (though other races+genders might need more adjusting). Also the right arm is a bit rough, I did my best to minimize the warping but its kind of inevitable in this pose TwT

Feel free to tag me on instagram @/nilan.ffxiv or twitter @/nilanofthemoon, and/or use the hashtag #ByNilanXIV, I would love to see you use it!! <3

Mods in preview:

Hairstyle -> Longer Styled for Hire by Coldau
Makeup -> Tenryou Makeup by Meria
Top -> Leather and Steel by Mimi
Pants -> One of Tsar’s older TB2.0 mods, ask and I’ll link!
Boots -> Strapped by Actias
Earrings -> Punk Rabbits by Kydeimos
Other Accessories -> Sheer Season II by WestLakeTea

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