The Glamour Dresser

[Nilan] Just A Bit Closer

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Shout out to @/cana.ffxiv on instagram for trusting me with her lovely little demoness! Made on max height male viera (scaled 1.026) and min height female au’ra, but can easily be used for others with some adjustments. Includes 2 poses, one for each!

Feel free to tag me on instagram @/nilan.ffxiv or twitter @/nilanofthemoon, and/or use the hashtag #ByNilanXIV, I would love to see you use it!! <3

Mods in preview:

Bunny Boi:
Hairstyle -> Longer Styled for Hire by Coldau
Makeup -> Kajal Makeup by Me
Outfit -> Loveless by Blxssfall
Earrings -> Punk Rabbits by Kydeimos

Demon Gorl:
Scales + Tail -> Angel by Nera
Hairstyle -> Chosen by Blxssfall
Headpiece-> Galatea’s Attire by Shylenced
Dress -> Velvet by Lye
Stockings/Socks -> Coffee Date by Lye
Boots -> Velouria by Alee

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