[Nilan] BiboPlusPlus Body Scaling

Made this for another OC but I figured it would be nice to use with customize+ for those who would like like to have WoLs that are a lil thicker than the default models. I made it with Bibo+ so it might look a little wonky on vanilla or TBSE. (Also I haven’t tried it myself but I imagine it would work well with Bibo+ Plush with some minor adjustments)

Feel free to tag me on instagram @/nilan.ffxiv or twitter @/nilanofthemoon, and/or use the hashtag #ByNilanXIV, I would love to see you use it!! <3

[I dont think I used any mods in this one aside from Bibo+ lol]


Hello, you can call me Nilan! I'm a digital artist and long time ffxiv fan c: Very much a novice so please be patient with me ;w;

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