[LRAG] Ballet Rehearsal

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Uhoh, I’m at it again. Why yes it is ANOTHER ballet pack. I gave myself the birthday gift of working on this, and I still have a lot of references, so I’ll do more later. This was focused more on the idea of practice/rehearsals/before the show, so you have male/female barre exercises (mine is made by slightly lifting a wooden handrail to the right height), more leaps, a paired practice, and then two ballerinas taking a selfie before the show. The female Miqo’te are min height, the male Miqo’te are max height, and the blonde in purple is a max height female Au Ra body. For all poses but the selfie, height either doesn’t matter or is simply moving the arms accordingly. Happy posing!


A lil red Auri girl full of salt and sass who decided three degrees in photography shouldn't go to waste and now creates poses for all to enjoy. I may also dabble in mod-making now and then.

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