[Leno’s] Feminine Pt.2

[Leno’s] Feminine Pt2

The second part to the feminine posepack series im doin! Consisting of 4 poses made on a Min. height female miqo’te! Works for all female races with minor adjustments! One pose present in this file is an updated version from an old posepack i made called Voluptuous- which will soon be deleted as this is uploaded. I’m not proud of the poses i made from that old pack but many people enjoyed one pose that came with it and decided to move it over to this one! as always, please dont use my poses as a base or claim as your own, thank you and enjoy!

[Leno’s] Feminine Pt.1 : https://www.glamourdresser.com/poses/lenos-feminine-pt-1

Like what I do or wish to support me on my pose creating journey? hop on over to [Leno’s Studio] for more public and server exclusive poses~! https://discord.gg/QMexgQ67Mf

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