[kævyx] With the Girls {pt.1}

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The first part of a pose pack of 4 poses from the Blackpink MV, Don’t Mess with the Girls :3c

-Made using mid height Fem Miqote.
-Some shoulders and elbows may look funky, I tried my best.
-Will need adjustment for the other races and gender.
-More will come soon -winkwink-
-Add the hashtag #kaevyxpose and #kaevyx on insta so I can see o/
**Do not claim as your own!**

Face; NeRa
Tattoo; TechnicalDifficulties
Outfit; Kiwi
Boots; Alecta
Hair; Yuria
Tail; Touku


New to modding, will mostly do poses for now ;u;

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