[kævyx] A friend

A pack containing two poses with Morpho c:

-Made using mid height Viera.
-Will need adjusting for other race.
-May need to move Morpho to the right place, not sure if Morpho move on it’s own when importing his poses. Morpho on pose A go on the tip of the book, and on pose B he goes on the top of your index finger.
-May adjust as you want uvu.
-Tag me on insta so I get to see <3 #kaevyx and #kaevyxpose
-I slightly changed the Reading Emote to make the poses.

**Do NOT claim as your own**

Pose made using Ktisis, but should work fine with Anamnesis.

Ear decoration by longerrpigs
Face by Mond
Shirt by Heiwa
Hair by peachhwi
Shader is Fairy – Autumn Day


New to modding, will mostly do poses for now ;u;

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