junko enoshima


First pose that I’m ever making, and goodness is this hard. However, this pose is best for photos from the waist up, so the bottom half of the pose will look sorta wonky (my bad). Since this is inspired by one of the sprites from Danganronpa, and the sprites are mostly visible from the waist up when you speak with the characters, I kept it that way for this.

This was made with a minimum height masculine Viera as the model, so adjustments would need to be made for other races. If you also have a tongue prop for this pose, do use it, as the original sprite for Junko has her tongue out for this!

If you do end up using this pose, please tag me @aarisasinval on Twitter!


I take silly little gposes of my WOL's and make silly little poses. If any poses are used, tag me @aarisasinval on Twitter!

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